Where Jason Hope’s Internet of Things is Leading us.

Jason Hope is an Arizona State Graduate who has been headlong involved with technology for the majority of his career. Originally from Tempe, AZ we have seen Hope take a more and more interested approach in the technological field. Nowadays Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor and futurist. Hope is most well known for his work with the SENS Foundation but we might just see his newest focus overtake that fame; the Internet of Things.

It is actually pretty easy to describe the concept of the Internet of Things because it is such a nebulous one. The Internet of Things is a growing industry that refers to the way that human beings are going to interact with smart technology in the future. From smart devices to smart cars, the Internet of Things is going to change how we live our lives. Hope has always been focused on staying on the cutting edge of the latest technology and this is no different. Hope is one of the foremost advocates of the Internet of Things and it’s easy to see why: the industry has potential to completely innovate the way we live our lives.

We can break down the Internet of Things into two sections: the fundamentals and the life changers. Just about everybody is familiar with smart phones or the concept of the smart watch, like the FitBit. These are devices that dramatically enhance our lives at little cost to ourselves. Under Armour, in particular, has even embraced this smart technology with a new line of shoes that tracks our vitals as we exercise. But this isn’t all there is to it. The Internet of Things is also looking like it will be a life changing piece of technology.Let’s look at Virgin Atlantic’s Boeing 787. This jet was created with the Internet of Things in mind. The entire machine is networked to the internet in order to feed vital information to computer analysts.  Read More.


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