Wen By Chaz Dean Takes the Acid Test with a Pro Stylist

WEN is a total cleaning system for the hair. It’s a lather-less conditioning shampoo that can be used as your primary hair care solution. It is a total cleansing system which means that you are never in need of a separate shampoo and conditioner. It comes in some wonderful natural scents. In this article, we will see what Emily McClure has determined about Wen by Chaz in the article for Bustle magazine.

Emily McClure’s Findings on Wen by Chaz

The findings were pretty positive and quite specific about the Sephora endorsed Fig scent of the shampoo she chose. Each scent is natural and has a different purpose. This purpose for the Fig is for oily hair which is one of Emily’s issues. She has oily and fine hair. Because of this and the fact that she is a professional hairstylist, she uses a fair amount of hair styling product such as moose and gels and hairspray. These products are all very tacky and make the hair flop and contributes to the oiliness.

It was soft to touch and tingly on the scalp. It was also noted that she didn’t see near the amount of hair breaking and falling out into the tub. This was an issue previously.

She noticed that Wen was great at taking the residue away from the hair that is comprised of all the styling products she used. She found that her curl didn’t last as long the first few rounds but but the end of the week the shampoo seemed to have adjusted and it was a more perfect match to her hair needs. Wen is available online via Amazon.

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    Emily followed the directions on the bottle faithfully. She used it for nearly 2 weeks. She immediately noticed that her hair felt clean from roots to ends despite the lack of lather. You can also click here to get more facts about Emily’s ruthlessness.

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