The New Chairman’s Role With The Capital Group

Capital Group is a leader in investment management. American Funds calls this company home. The recent election has placed Tim Armour in the position as the chairman for Capital Group. Tim previously held the position as chairman but not for the entire company, only select divisions.

Tim is joining Lovelace and de Toledo as a member of the committee. He will be helping with the companies business strategies and operations. This change has been in motion for years but has just recently been made formal. When the previous chairman passed away Tim was in the perfect position to become the next chairman.

Capital Group is unique in the sense they do not rely on one person for their strength. The talents of everyone are used to provide investment advice of a high quality. All seventy-six hundred employees contribute to the success of the company.

Tim is not just the chairman for Capital Group but their principle executive for another of their companies, Capital Research and Management Company. He also works as their equity manager. Tim’s thirty-two years of experience with Capitol Group has given him the experience and knowledge necessary to make him a success as chairman. His prior position as an investment analyst allowed him to work with global telecommunications and was where he first began within the company. He has also been a participant in the associates program at Capital. Tim has a bachelor’s degree he earned from Middlebury College. His degree is in economics. He is currently based out of Los Angeles California.

The Capital Group is one of the biggest and oldest firms in their field in America. Their assets total $1.39 trillion dollars. Capital Group was originally founded in 1931 in Los Angeles and is a privately held firm. One of their subsidiaries is American Funds who offers over forty mutual funds. They also specialize in numerous services including investments for individuals of a high net worth and private equity. Their philosophy is consistent and is based on managing active portfolios and investments. Their long term goals are based on research and the company houses an extensive team.

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