The Iconic Advertising Career of José Henrique Borghi

Mr. Jose Henrique Borghi is an intense businessperson who is situated in Brazil. Right now, Henrique is the CEO for a publicizing organization known as Mullen Lowe. Mullen Lowe was established quite a while prior, and it is right now one of the main publicizing offices situated in Brazil. The firm has done well since it utilizes new and creative techniques when promoting for customers. Mullen Lowe is headquartered in San Paulo, in spite of the fact that it has branches in Rio De Janeiro and different places in the nation.

Before turning into the CEO of Mullen Lowe, Jose Henrique was working for his own publicizing office, known as Borghierh Intelligence. Be that as it may, his organization converged with Mullen, and this saw him gain the best position of the new association. The businessperson began his effective profession instantly in the wake of moving on from the University in the year 1988. While at the University, Jose Henrique had some expertise in promoting and take in more about Borghi.

In the wake of moving on from the University with a degree in publicizing, the fruitful specialist was procured to work for an organization known as Standard Ogilvy. He served in this foundation for quite a while, and this is the place he procured the aptitude expected to run a publicizing firm. The capable agent has gotten various honors in view of his numerous expert achievements. Some of these incorporate the 15 Awards from New York Festival, 20 Lions at Cannes and a few others.

Jose Henrique has figured out how to make some effective crusades for some legitimate brands on the planet. The businessperson has worked with ventures, for example, way of life, vehicle, aircrafts, attire, and beauty care products. Jose Henrique has made extraordinary promotions for organizations like the American Express, LG, Fiat, Toyota and America on Lone. Henrique’s involvement and information in the promoting business have made the agent a standout amongst the most powerful figures in the Brazilian publicizing world. Jose Henrique is a good example to numerous up and coming individuals in business as well.

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