Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a businessperson from Switzerland who is the current co founder of the company known as Swiss Start Up Factory. The company helps provide mentoring, coaching and financing for start up companies in the country. Before Baur started up his company, he invested in a number of startup companies which helped give him his business idea. For the two decades prior to this, Mike worked in the banking industry. While in the banking industry, Baur would work with a number of business leaders in order to help them reach their business goals. With all of these experiences, Mike Baur has been able to come up with and introduce one of the more innovative business models in the world.


At the beginning of his career, Mike Baur worked as a banking professional. While working in this occupation, he would regularly consult with businesses and help them find ways to meet their objectives. Many of the business leaders Mike worked with were individuals who were looking for financing. Baur would look over their business plan, financial standing and available capital. If a business was promising enough, Mike would help a company reach its full potential by providing loans. This financing option would allow companies to grow and expand. For over twenty years, Mike would accumulate the experience necessary to move on to start another career.


After leaving the banking industry, Mike Baur would begin investing in a number of new companies. These were startup companies that Mike would spend money on in order to make money off of them. This endeavor was quite successful as Mike was able to make a considerable amount of profits on a regular basis. Along with this banking experience, Mike would use this endeavor as the foundation of his new company called Swiss Start Up Factory.

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In 2014, Mike Baur launched his new company Swiss Start Up Factory which specializes in helping new businesses get established. The company helps business accomplish its goals by providing mentoring, coaching and financial advice. Swiss Start Up Factory led by Mike Baur regularly hold events where entrepreneurs pitch their idea. Mike and his company will then evaluate each business and decide which one to take on as a customer. His company provides entrepreneurs with a great resource to use when looking to launch a new company.

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    Swiss Start Up Factory will give businesses feedback on how to market their products, their brand and also teaching the owners on how to provide the best products and services for their customers. It may have taken a careful look at the way has eventually given them so many of these things and that alone could have prompted so many things for them all through.

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