Social Security Through The Eyes of A Financial Advisor: David Giertz Informs

Social security has been a topic that most financial advisors have avoided for a long time due the complexities that it comes with. A survey done by Nationwide Financial on through the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute on the people that were retired and those years away from retirement indicated that most people would less likely change their financial advisors if they were providing them with help on social security matters. David Giertz, the president Nationwide Financial Distributors at Nationwide Financial, during an interview at the Wall Street Journal, pushes for the importance of a client getting professional advice when it comes to Social Security.

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A lot of people tend to find themselves in situations they don’t understand when they trend through this path without a guide on Instagram. Some people may conclude that they have received less income than they should have while others find themselves with unexpected taxes that they had no idea about. “Those that turn on social security too early, they could lose over three hundred thousand over twenty-five years…” said Giertz during the interview in a bid to show how important it is for financial advisors to include advice on social security for their clients for them to maximize their retirement income at

David Giertz is a financial advisor with thirty years of experience in the business and the President of Nationwide Financial Sales Distributors at Nationwide Financial. He is also a registered broker and is in the business of buying and selling securities such as bonds and other investment- related products for large firms. He also offers advisory services on Portfolio management.

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