OSI Group is a global poultry, food and meat organization with its central office in Illinois, Aurora. OSI Group has obtained Flagship Europe a U.K organization. Flagship Europe is the provider of food services in the United Kingdom food market. The company has a broad scope of innovative, quality products over various categories of product, involving, vide sous products, frozen poultry, mayonnaise, pies, dressings, and sauces. As indicated by press official statement released by OSI Group, Flagship as of late has expanded its presence in the sector of food, because of the recent acquisition.

The CEO of Flagship Europe Maddock Russell said in a statement that the acquisition was another progressive and exciting improvement for Flagship. The expanded assets which will be made available to the Flagship organization, alongside securing new global market and clients who are in the bracket of OSI Group, will go a long way in fortifying the company’s marketplace position. Additionally, it will open new doors for empowering Flagship to serve clients adequately, improve the proposition of the organization and bolster the already effectively fruitful business. Chief Officer of Operations and President David McDonald stated that Flagship addition to OSI business around Europe to a greater extent widens presence of OSI Group in Europe. He ended by saying that Flagship portfolio of brands and products supplements the current OSI strengths in processing while expanding its abilities to cater to the ever-changing customer’s needs adequately.

OSI is part of a hundred best organizations in the food business. OSI Group is continuously innovating, and they possess an international power of purchasing. The resources range in which they have, including a large number of packaging facilities and processing plants. The company has connections globally thus making OSI Group one of the leading suppliers of food in the industry. The different products produced by the organization are from the most experienced business suppliers. OSI Group has particular requirements concerning purchasing from the vendors of food. The company is committed to providing the ideal products, so they ensure their sources give the best quality. OSI Group always makes sure that their different vendors strictly adhere to the standards of the organization and it is not a surprise to see OSI Group among the best a hundred companies in the industry of food.

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