Omar Boraie and His Influence in Jew Jersey

Omar Boraie is the founder and Vice President of Boraie Development in New Brunswick, NJ and is known as the man who transformed New Brunswick from a despicable mess into an urban delight.

Originally from Egypt, Boraie arrived in America with big plans for building projects that would make the lives of people better as he saw the future becoming better than it was. Today, NJ Biz describes him as one of the leading businessmen in the area as well as being one of the top philanthropists on the East Coast.

Originally, when Boraie arrived in America, New Brunswick, New Jersey was a very blighted and run-down part of the New Jersey landscape, . Omar saw a better future,, and he formed Boraie Development which eventually changed the entire New Brunswick landscape. He began some real estate projects in the area. Projects such as The Aspire, the Albany Street Plaza, and Rector Street all stand out as the real estate projects which have changed the atmosphere of the area.

Boraie Development and Property Management has been focused on the entire array of real estate development and its overall management. After all once a project is constructed, it takes expert management and the correct application of business principles for it to become a success in the community.

Omar Boraie has committed the company’s own capital towards the inception, construction, and management of the properties. The track record of this unique combination of personal funding and expert results in the development of the real estate projects has made the company become one of the most sought-after developers in the state.

The personal management of the properties, once they are built is part of the overall strategy of the entire business within the Boraie concept. Without a very detailed and thorough management style, the projects would not be nearly as successful as they have been. The expert and ongoing maintenance that is provided assures the success of the real estate development projects long after the construction is completed.

Omar Boraie is also a great philanthropist as he is very involved with quite a few social projects in the New Brunswick and greater New Jersey areas. According to, he has been appointed to serve on the Board of Trustees for the State Theater in New Brunswick.

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