New Recycling Center Built By Orange Coast College

Recently, Orange Coast College added a recycling facility in Costa Mesa. With this new facility, people of the surrounding community will have the opportunity to contribute to preserving the environment. This new facility is very large and will therefore provide much storage space for materials to be recycled. The new facility opened up recently and was celebrated by many staff members of the college. They cut a ribbon to signal their introduction of the new facility. With an investment of $7 million, a lot of money was put in to make this among the top recycling centers in southern California. Construction crews spent over one year building the facility. With the addition of this facility, the community of Costa Mesa will now have yet another secure location to recycle materials on a regular basis. Learn more:


Orange Coast College is among the largest community colleges in southern California. It is located in Costa Mesa, California and provides students with a combination of educational programs, student activities and learning facilities. Anyone who attends this college will be in position to either prepare for a career or to move on to higher levels of education. Students at this college will have the opportunity to learn a number of fields such as business administration, healthcare technology, nursing and also programs pertaining to the sciences. Along with a number of academic programs, students are also in position to participate in activities that will enhance their knowledge and connections. They can participate in a number of clubs and student organizations pertaining to their field of study.


When attending Orange Coast College, students can take advantage of a number of convenient ways to learn. They can attend traditional classrooms to sit through lectures in real time. They can also take online courses that will enable them to learn the class materials on their own time. With the added convenience of online degree programs, students will be able to have a more rewarding educational experience when attending Orange Coast College. Another benefit of this college is the facilities that are available to visit. Places such as the new planetarium will provide students with an opportunity to build on their science knowledge. With a library, students can access a wide selection of books to help them expand their knowledge as well.


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