Luciana Lossio: First Female TSE Minister

Expert lawyer Luciana Lossio will take charge as the Minister of the Superior Electoral; Brazil’s higher court from May 2016. Unfortunately, the cases that are heard there are not eligible until they have violated the country’s constitution. TSE, which is a part of the electoral branch of law, includes seven members. Former lawyer Arnaldo Versiani, who resigned from his position recently, vacated the seat.


The inauguration ceremony will be held in court early morning. Luckily, Luciana will be the first women elected to this position in history. However, she was also the first female to work as a substitute minister lately on the court.


Luciana Lossio has marked many achievements in her career along with being the youngest governor and holds a very solid position amongst her clients and administrators. Luciana can deal with the most complex situations and has always proven herself as the best choice for her clients. Her skills are much more valuable now because of her strong position in the field. She is a great human activist as well as an excellent individual rights activist. With her open character, she is a leading authority on electoral law and earned grand oral defenses, making them memorable.


Lossio finished her law degree at the University Center of Brasilia in 1999. Due to her strict dedication and high honors, she obtained approval in the Brazilian Bar Association to practice law in a year. But Lossio did not stop there, and instead carried forward her studies with three other post-graduate degrees, which included Legal and Public Order Ministry, Civil Procedure Law in the second law and State and Constitution. All this knowledge served as a basis for becoming a professional in her field, which played a crucial role in getting her to where she is standing now, as these are the qualities that should be associated with the Minister Holder.


For seven years Lossio worked with the Attorney General. Often she was seen along Claudio Fonteles and Geraldo Brindeiro, the two former prosecutors. During her work, she was even responsible for several judgments as she took on the advisory role for cases dependent on TSE.


There are a very limited number of women in the positions of law in Brazil under Government. The choice of Lossio is raising hopes for a better future for the Brazilian court, with her quality of work throughout her career serving as an assurance.

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