Julie Zuckerberg Negotiates Success To Draw Global Talent

Sourcing winning talent from all over the world


Julie Zuckerberg works and lives in New York City. She has successfully managed to lead several companies to financial success through her skilled recruitment planning and communication strategies. She is the current executive recruitment leader and vice president for Deutsche Bank. She is an expert in counseling executive groups and facilitating negotiations that make a difference. Julie Zuckerman recruits top executives, leads negotiations and deals with business entrepreneurs. She gives direction for commercial clientele, Global operations, and handles negotiations for principal management bids.


It takes more than just great communication skills to become a successful executive recruiter


Julie Zuckerberg has been in the business of talent acquisition, negotiation and operations for more than fifteen years. Her stellar record of producing exceptional talent in the financial sector began after receiving her degree in philosophy from City University of New York-Brooklyn College. Julie Zuckerberg then went on to receive the Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the illustrious New York Law School. She maintains continual education in technological advances, such as applicant tracking systems to allow her to stay up-to-date on the newest innovations in recruitment.


New innovations lead to better conflict resolution


Julie Zuckerberg began her career after her college studies at Hudson Financial Advisors. Her abilities to connect employers with outstanding employees and develop promotions, policies, and benefit packages that attracted the best in new talent gave her an advantage in the recruiting field. She was in charge of hiring paralegals, legal staff and auditors at the executive level. Julie Zuckerberg used new techniques while at Hudson, like social media outlets, the internet, and finding ways to recruit from within the company to develop company morale and add productivity.


Creating an environment that attracts only the best


Today, Julie Zuckerberg uses her knowledge and education to recruit for Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is well known for their exceptional employee packages, and as a global financial leader. Working as executive recruitment leader and vice president of Deutsche Bank, Julie Zuckerberg facilitates hiring at the MD level positions and leads negotiations for Global Technology & Operations, to find and hire only the best in global talent acquisitions.


Making a difference


Julie is dedicated to volunteering and advocating human rights, helping the economically disadvantaged, preserving the environment, and animal welfare.


Enjoying Life


She is a believer in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and loves her morning run. She likes to try new restaurants in New York City as well as enjoys trying new recipes at home. A talented artist and photographer, Julie can be found at galleries and other culturally diverse venues.

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