Is A Hangout Space The Way To Go For Dating Apps?

Wise men once said that success is similar to a boxing ring where defeat is not declared when you fall but instead when you refuse to rise. For Whitney Wolfe, founder and CEO of Bumble BFF rising is a task that she passionately enjoys doing. A few years ago, the young innovator had hit a great milestone in her career after co-founding the Tinder App. However, she did not leave to enjoy the grand achievement due to misunderstandings with her team which saw her name tarnished.

However, the young and talented developer never shattered her dreams and instead projected her head up to the sky and sought to venture on a different project. In 2014, Bumble BFF was born, the next big dating app. Whitney Wolfe, often referred to as the queen bee of digital dating has always remained committed to improving the women when it comes to dating.

Surprisingly, Wolfe’s efforts never cease to amaze. Words on the streets have it that the Bumble is launching a hangout space in the New York City. It took many by a surprise who couldn’t see any relationship between a dating app and a joint. The anticipated space will be called the Hive, and as the name implies, Bumble fans, as well as the public, will be flocking the joint to enjoy.

According to Whitney Wolfe, the idea to come up with the Hive was triggered by the need to go versatile. Bumble’s CEO felt the need to improve the online dating world to a platform that people felt proud to be associated. On the other hand, Wolfe felt that the idea would help accommodate new members who are looking for friends or even professional partnerships. The Hive, located in Soho at 158 Mercer Street is open on a weekly basis and will host a couple of important events meant to promote the women and dating.

Who is Whitney Wolfe?

To many, Whitney Wolfe is a young lady but with ideas that surpass her age. The 26-year-old was born in Salt Lake City. At a very tender age, Whitney displayed a unique character of leadership and abilities to achieve greater milestones. After completing her high school, Wolfe went ahead to start a bamboo tote bags business.

Later, Whitney moved to the Southern Methodist University to further her education. After graduating, Wolfe shifted to Los Angeles to begin her career. She joined Hatch Labs where she experienced a significant milestone in her career. In 2012, Whitney Wolfe, together with Rad, Gulzcynski, and Mateen (her ex) launched Tinder, a successful dating app.

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