How Bill McFarland is of Benefit to Elite Millenials

Many young people struggle to create the perfect network. In a bid to make networking easier, Bill McFarland founded Magnises. This is an élite social club that organizes special events that can only be accessed if you own its black card.

It is possible to link the card with your credit card or ATM card in case you need to make payments during the events. However, the card’s talking point are the limitless perks that come with it.

By merely flashing this metallic card, you qualify for discounts in bars, clubs, and restaurants. Besides this, you can get reserve experiences such as luxurious getaways and private concerts. According to Bloomberg, Billy McFarland points out that he wanted to build a comprehensive platform that links millenials with new offline and online business opportunities.

He notes that since most people have the habit of carrying their debit and credit cards, there was need to link their black cards to that.

Notable Partnerships

Magnises has already caught the attention of notable corporations. Prominent businesses in New York such as Clubs Goldbar and Finale, Restaurants Catch and Esquina, and spin studio Cyc have already partnered with Magnises. Individual members will benefit from discounts on helicopter rides to Hamptons and surrounding areas with Blade. In addition, they will enjoy private performances by world-renowned rappers Rick Ross and Ja Rule.

Despite being relatively new, Magnesis has been gaining popularity impressively. It currently has more than 6,000 subscribers who pay an annual membership fee of 250 dollars. Once you subscribe, you can choose an activity via a mobile app and get limitless access to numerous deals.

The card mainly targets working professionals who are aged between 21 and 35 years. Most professionals in this age segment are employed in the technology, fashion, and finance industries. To be a member, you must fill an online application that will be approved by Magnises staff.

Billy McFarland in Brief

Billy is a distinguished young tech entrepreneur. He is the brains behind Spling and Magnises mobile app and black card. The New York native had an interest in technology from a young age. He started his first tech firm at age 13.

This was an online subcontracting firm whose role was to link designers with clients. Billy McFarland briefly attended Pennsylvania’s Bucknell University before dropping out to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions. Currently, Magnises is available in Washington DC, and New York. Plans are in the pipeline to expand its use to Los Angeles, London, Boston, Chicago, and Atlanta.

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