Gareth Henry Shows Math Can Get You Far In Your Career

The London native Gareth Henry earned a bachelor’s degree from Heriot-Watt University in 2001 for Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics. Though many people with his education end up working with insurance agencies, he took an entirely different path and encourages others with his educational background to do so as well. He decided to use his talents in mathematics to pursue a career in investing and is now working with an investing firm as their Managing Director. Though he was born in London, he is now residing in New York City.

His first position that Gareth Henry held after earning his degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics was with the company Watson Wyatt. He joined the company as an analyst for their manager research team. Eventually, he went on to work with Global Investment Management Services and stayed with this team until 2004 until he began working as an investment manager with SEI Investments. He only stayed with SEI for about a year before he earned the position of Director at Schroder’s. In 2007, Gareth Henry left Schroder’s and moved to the United States in order to join Fortress Investment Group and he became the managing director for Fortress. Gareth Henry used his impressive math and people skills to raise capital for many of their different investment vehicles. He managed to engage with companies around the world, even in areas with significant tensions such as the Middle East.

Even with all of the responsibilities as managing director, he still fulfilled his duties in a second role for the company, Global Head of Investor Relations. He was responsible for their $4 billion business in hedge funds. He gives credit to his education in Actuarial Mathematics for much of the success that he has had in his profeesional career. He hopes more students that are interested in the field of study will consider using their education to pursue a career in finance or investment. Recently, Gareth Henry provided funding for a scholarship program at his alma mater, Heriot-Watt for people who are pursuing a degree in the field of study. In addition, he has offered a chance for mentorship.

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