Fabletics Is Shaking Up the Fashion Industry With Their Reverse Showroom Technique

Amazon has long been known to hold a monopoly over the fashion industry, but that is all changing. Kate Hudson and Fabletics are changing the rules of the game. In just over three years, they have grown over two hundred percent to a business that is worth two hundred and fifty million dollars. They also have over one million active paying members.


With so many clothes available online at good rates, people are now looking for more than just prices and quality when choosing where they get their clothes from. They now value companies that go the extra mile to make them satisfied and to help them out. They are looking for a great customer and purchasing experience. Fabletics is getting more and more members and is opening more and more physical stores, with some likening them to the Apple of the fashion industry.


Why do people love Fabletics so much? Fabletics focuses on making the shopping experience personal. They help their customers get exactly what they are looking for.


One of the most innovative techniques that Fabletics uses is their reverse showroom engineering technique. Most businesses are getting killed by showrooming, which refers to people checking and trying out things offline but then buying the same thing online from another company at a cheaper price. However, Fabletics works in the opposite direction. Almost a third of all people who walk into their stores are already members. Another quarter or so become members in the store. This means that some already know what they are looking for. Others might want to try out new things, but whatever they try out goes into their online shopping cart as well so that they can buy it online.


Fabletics also places a large emphasis on data. They are able to use the data from their online members to help improve their physical stores. It is not just about the data. The data has to be used towards improving customer service.


Who is behind Fabletics’ success? It is Kate Hudson, the actress who starred in the Almost Famous film. She has been on board with Fabletics for quite a while, and she is giving them all the new ideas that are making them so successful. She not only endorses the brand and uses it herself, but she also works towards improving their marketing efforts. She has helped them gain a top BBB rating.

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