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Magnises was founded in 2014 by the millennial Billy McFarland. The company is a private club that offers discounts and invitations to exclusive events in the big cities of the East Coast United States. The card is marketed towards young millennial professionals. Select bars, restaurants and clubs will give drink discounts and VIP treatment to cardholders. They will also get special treatment and first choice for seats at exclusive music concerts. The card is marketed towards young millennial professionals.

The goal is to connect clients to online and offline businesses. The modern employee can have an unbalanced work life and social life. Members of Magnises are improving both their social lives and professional lives by attending new venues that they may not have originally went to. There are currently over 12,000 members within to the program.

The HotelPass feature of Magnises will allow you to stay at Dream Hotels in New York for a drastically reduced rate. Right now, a night at Dream Hotel will cost $245 yet a club member will only have to pay $79 per night. Dream Hotels are expanding to worldwide locations, so cheap travel opportunities will arrive in the future for card holders.

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Certain sports events held locally will come at a reduced ticket price for members. Good basketball and football tickets can be hard to reserve in time, but Magnises members will get the first pick for quality seating.

Magnises will help you gain professional contacts by inviting you to brunches and talks with high profile industry leaders on Crunchbase. Members will also hold the rights to use the co working space at Magnises’s own office in New York for a 75% discount. That is a bargain since co working spaces in New York can have price tags of over $500 per month. This will allow members to make contacts with other quality young professionals like themselves.

Membership fees will cost $99 a month and you will be issued your own card. The card will be linked to your bank accounts to make payments and for membership fees. The card may be swiped just like your own personal debit card to pay for items. The design of the card is black-metallic and will have your name on it.

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    With the Club Pass feature, members can enjoy a reduced price entrance fee to high end nightclubs. For New York clubs, the entrance fee will only be $65 if you use your Magnises card. It may also be regarded as something that cheap essays has been looking forwards to having all the time without getting anything out.

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