Efforts of George Soros in Bringing Equality

George Soros is among the prominent philanthropist who has played the significant role in assisting the various organizations that are fighting for the human rights. He has also played a significant role in boosting the livelihood of the people through several projects that are carried out by the Open Society Foundation. This is an organization that has been on the front line in addressing the factors that are hindering the human rights and democracy across the globe. George has made considerable donation that is estimated to be $18 billion to reinforce the matters that are deemed relevant by the organization.

Open Society Foundation is one of the known leading donors in the United States. Its operations have been lauded by many people regarding the balance and equality that they are trying to bring in the society. The group has been in existence for more than 30 years and it has achieved a lot in different countries that are more than 120 in the promotion of human rights. The essential and substantial step that the organization made is funding small groups that are working within their objective to fight for the human rights. The significant contribution that the agency made is providing support to the third world countries that had been hit by the tragedy of Ebola. Additionally, the organization was part of the team that funded the Roma art and culture to foster its development. The person who has been in the front row in steering the operation of the Open Society Foundation for many years is Soros. He has donated a significant amount that is estimated to worth between $800 and $900 million yearly. Aside from that, Soros paid $18 billion to reinforce the programs that are funded by the organization to lift equality in the community.

The primary factor that has enabled the Open Society Foundations to flow within the expected line in its operation is associated with the exceptional leadership that Soros has delivered. This has placed the organization in a vantage position in addressing different challenges that are arising along the way. Furthermore, the team has also created a chance for improving the level of education through various programs that are aimed at paying students to pursue different careers in their studies. The year 1979 marked the vital point is the life of George in the sense that he sponsored several students that had been affected by apartheid in the Republic of South Africa. In the year 1980, he decided to share his thoughts with the West when he visited Communist Hungary. He then teams up with the different individual to fund the setting up of Central European University with a common objective of integrating critical thinking into the community.

Soros has donated an estimated of more than $30 billion to the Open Society Foundations. All these are meant to address the vital issues in the society through the right measures that are crafted by the team of expert that is operating in the group.

George Soros is a great philanthropist whose aim is to fight for equality in the community.

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