Education And Public Service Brings Success To The Life Of Dick DeVos

I have long been aware of the business side of the life of Dick DeVos but it is only recently I have come to understand how successful the product of the Michigan public school system has been in serving the communities of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the U.S. as a whole. An interview I recently read with Dick’s wife, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos from Philanthropy Roundtable explained much of the background to the career of public service the former candidate for Governor of Michigan has undertaken from the 1990s onwards. I find it amazing Dick DeVos found the time to run a successful campaign to join the Michigan State Board of Education and become one of the most active members of this group; my own experience of the work of Dick DeVos did not include a large amount of knowledge of the work he completed in bringing charter school to Michigan, a policy I believe responsible for improving the standard of education across the state.


Dick DeVos was still a rising executive when I first became aware of him following his decision to join the AmWay Group as an executive following a decade spent exploring the business from within in a series of positions and departments. My own impression of Dick DeVos as a successful business leader was formed when he took the international sales department of AmWay and turned it into the largest area of sales for the company.


Business success is only one area of the life of the AmWay Group founder I feel has provided him with success as the Northwood University graduate has fought on behalf of the causes and issues he believes are important to the future of the U.S. In 1989, I was pleased to see Dick and Betsy DeVos establish their own charitable foundation which remains in operation with a wide range of activities undertaken on a regular basis, The Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation reports. Since retiring as President of AmWay in 2002, Dick DeVos has been a leading figure in terms of investing in new technologies and businesses in various parts of Michigan through the work of his The Windquest Group. I was happy to see Dick has maintained his belief in the products he believes in with boxed water playing a major role in the relief of disasters across the planet following the investment of the visionary Dick DeVos.

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