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Jennifer Walden, the Exceptional Cosmetic Surgeon

Jennifer Walden is an American plastic surgeon who is based in Texas. She was born in 1971. She is a graduate of Anderson High School. She joined University of Texas and obtained her undergraduate degree in Biology. She received her Master’s degree from The University of Texas Medical Branch. In fact, she was the salutatorian of her class. She is also a co- author of the book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. She began her career at the Manhattan eye, ear and throat Hospital. She later built successful career in New Yolk city before returning to her hometown Texas.

Jennifer Walden mostly focuses on expert cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation, eyelid lifts and face lifts among others. She also performs liposuction and procedures such as injecting Botox and soft tissue fillers. Asked what inspired to venture into the male dominated profession, Jennifer Walden argues that cosmetic surgeries are mainly undertaken by females. Therefore her patients are comfortable and freely open up to her about any issues with their bodies because they don’t feel embraced opening up to a fellow woman.

They also do not fear to be judged because they believe that the surgeon might also have gone through the same situation. Above all, she chose cosmetic surgery because help women improve themselves. According to her, surgery is a way of boosting a woman’s confidence and self-worthy. Surgery improves the appearance of a woman and this makes her happy and contented. She has helped women who have had miserable lives before. For example, she helped a lady from her home town to fix her breasts which were small outwards stretched. According to Jennifer Walden, it is self-contenting when she helps a fellow woman fix her body through cosmetic surgery.

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