Dr. Saad Saad- The Power of Reaching your Goals

Dr. Saad Saad career had an exciting chapter that changed his practical ways of life. 1n 1980 he received a rare opportunity to work for the Saud Royal, and this was because had an excellent history of being a great pediatric surgeon. Additionally, he was certified by the pediatric surgeon board of US, and he also spoke fluent English and even Arabic. Dr. Saad accepted the offer, and they moved to Riyadh the Saudi City with his family for almost five years and their time proved to offer lots of real adventures.


Dr. Saad Saad life is full of exciting chapter having been born in Palestine and brought up in Kuwait together with his eight siblings. The family boasts of hardworking individuals having three surgeons with two being PhDs holders while the other two have Engineering Masters and they also have a teacher and business persons. Dr.Saad attended the University of Cairo 47 years ago and received his medical degree becoming the second highest ranked doctor in his class. In England, he completed his internship and later went to the United States for his Surgery residency becoming among the Board Certified doctors.


Dr. Saad became a respected and renowned surgeon while working at Saudi Arabia King Faisal Specialists Hospital where he performed the most straightforward and also complex surgeries. He completed an aneurysm surgery on a small baby, and he convinced the medical journal to publish the detailed procedure to educate other doctors. Dr. Saad was highly regarded and sought after by the Protocol Office of King Faisal Hospital where he gave various suggestions on different patients including the hospital assistant chief son.


The central core of King Faisal Hospital is serving the royals of the Persian Gulf, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Bahrain but it also opened doors for the very poor. The hospital offered pediatric surgical for the complex issues and for free. Dr. Saad states that serving both the rich an also poor equally gives him the power to embrace equality regardless of the religion, color, physical abilities, financial and mental abilities.


Dr. Saad serves his community with open hands, and in Holy Land, he has helped the young adults and also the young children. He has also done four free medical missions in Americana and in Jerusalem and the West Bank he has done eight performing surgeries on complex medical issues. His status Quo has seen him perform thousands of surgical operations and his innovated different procedures and methods to improve the traditional surgical ways. Dr. Saad boasts of having two inventions patented and others in the process. He has also developed a surgical residency program in Saudi Arabia for the Saudi Medical students, and he established a connection with the England Royal College. The process makes the students receive their surgical training in Saudi Arabia instead of the UK. Learn more:


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