Customers Thank Securus Technologies For Their Strict Services

A recent review post described the positive feedback offered by customers of Securus Technologies. These customers came in the form of prison guards and state officials. These individuals applauded Securus for the positive impact it is having on the prison system. The main positive impact comes in the form of security. State officials can sleep better at night knowing that prison guards are safe due to Securus technology. Though this technology is meant to make inmate life easier, it also exists to protect prison guards from any potential acts of violence.


Inmates themselves have also been applauding Securus Technologies for how simpler their lives are now while in prison. The biggest thank you is due to the video chat service that is offered by Securus Technologies. Many prisoners are housed hundreds of miles away from their families. In this situation, a traditional visit is just not possible. Video chatting with family members is the next big thing.


Representatives from Securus Technologies recently spoke out regarding the recent review post. Though they are happy with all of the positive feedback, Securus is more happy that there was no negative feedback, at all. Not one individual, whether prison guard or inmate, complained about the products and services provided by Securus Technologies. This lets Securus Technologies know they are doing something right. It also pushes them to make their company even better.


Securus is putting together a weekly online forum. The entire public community will have access to it. Securus Technologies expects people to leave daily reviews about their products, services, and customer service. Securus officials will read through these reviews on a daily basis. People who leave reviews will receive a personal response in a matter of hours. Securus believes this relationship with the public will help them become a better company for the public.


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