Class Dojo Creates Dynamic Communities for Teachers and Students

All teachers should interact with their peers because it helps them to perform better on their jobs. As communicators, teachers should get the help of their peers to tackle issues they face and to find out new strategies for helping kids to understand their schoolwork. Educators use different ways to stay in touch with their peers.

Teachers have in-service days at their schools and around the district. They take workshops and they constantly network with each other to stay on top of current events and trends related to their field. Another way that teachers are keeping their lines of communication open is through Class Dojo. This app was designed to help improve the teaching experience for classroom educators.

Class Dojo debuted in 2011. It was the brainchild of two tech guys. One of them is named Liam Dom and the other is Sujit Choudhary. Choudhary was a high school teacher who worked in the classroom. When the two men created Class Dojo he took his experience and used it to help create the app. Choudhary and Dom figured out different ways their app could make the teaching experience better.

The app has also been designed to improve a teacher’s ability to communicate with various members of their field. Teachers can send photos, text messages and video material to each other to figure out new ways to teach, how to tackle paperwork and the best way to team students up for projects.

When teachers communicate with each other, it helps them to better understand how to deal with their classrooms, parents and their career as a teacher. Educators who are interested in the Class Dojo app can download it from the Google Play or iStore. Once they install this app on their mobile device they will create up new pathways of communication. Having this type of tool at their disposal will help teachers to form dynamic communities with one another. It will also help their job to become easier and more satisfying.

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