Changing Course – Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a well known personal financial planner. As the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman for Dalrada Finacial Services, he has the opportunity to help people prepare for the future. His work is developing the strategy and vision for the company. Dalrada deals with employer solutions such as payroll, benefits, supplemental insurance and many others.

Also, he is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Trucept. This deals with similar items as Dalrada and is considered to be a human resource management business. Trucept provides companies the benefit to focus on their core competency of what they are providing. Brian’s vision is to work with people to enable them to do the best job possible. Taking care of their core needs enables employees to work at high levels and succeed.

Brian’s dream of owning a restaurant is becoming a reality. His change in course is occurring in the San Diego area with the restaurant Bellamy. The high-end restaurant is generating rave reviews with the help of French Master Chef Patrick Ponsaty.

The restaurant provides an experience for the customer. Brian’s vision is to serve a fewer number of people with the best food and to ensure return customers. His strategy is to build clientele through word of mouth. He also employs different marketing tactics to gain press and bring people in the door. One of these engagements was inviting homeless people into eat. The meals were on the house but the press the restaurant received from this thoughtful gesture far outweighs the cost of the meals.

According to San Diego Magazine, the next restaurant Brian Bonar is working on is The Ranch in Bandy Canyon. When this opens Chef Ponsaty will create the delightful meals here more than at the Bellamy.

This is a 144-acre ranch which will be a top tier events location. Weddings and banquets will be handled with ease in this space and with the fine cooking of Chef Ponsaty. Come and check out The Ranch in Bandy Canyon and the Bellamy. You will not be disappointed.

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