Why Use Online Therapy App ‘Talkspace’

Talkspace is a leading online and mobile therapy application that helps you to get a reliable therapist at $128 a month. You will be able to interact with them almost 24/7 via texting, video and voice calls. This is a perfect therapy app for any individual on the move or if you prefer sending messages than face to face lecture. Here are some of the benefits of using this app.

It is convenient

This tends to be the selling point for the majority of people. Every person wants a therapist they can talk to instantly so that they can avoid sending spam text to friends as a result of spiraling. There is no restriction on when to text your therapist and you can write to them whatever you feel and there will still be there to give feedback. Even though it will take them long to respond when you write a lot, they will eventually respond.

You can change therapist any time you desire

Once you sign up the account on the app for the first time, you will come across agents who will ask a couple of questions concerning your mental health and why you need a therapist. When the talk is done, they will talk about the data collected and match you with a therapist who they believe is the best fit. In case the match does not work as expected, you can go to the settings button and press “change therapist.” They will ask you what they can do to get you a suitable match.

Once you change your therapist, you will not repeat everything you have already discussed

When you change a therapist in real life, you will be forced through the daunting procedure of repeating your issues several times, and that can be strenuous. On the other hand, when you switch therapist on Talkspace, the chat room automatically saves all the previous conversation irrespective of the number of times you change your therapist. This eliminates the strenuous work of having to re-illustrate the ordeals you have been through.

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    Sometimes you just have to talk to someone about some issues which has given you concern over a long period of time. The issue could be depression, mental or any other challenge but be rest assured of getting help. This is why Talkspace has stepped in with their mobile app. Reading about Talkspace at relationship starters blog one can get a therapist to talk to for just a little monthly fee using the Talkspace mobile.

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