What Tony Petrello Brought to the Table for Nabors Industries

As the Chairman, CEO, and President of the board, Tony Petrello led a long and very fulfilling career with Nabors Industries. Although Nabors is the largest oil drilling contractor, it takes big shoes to fill the position that was led by Mr. Petrello during his tenure there. One of the biggest contributing factors for his success was his education.

Born and raised in New Jersey to a middle-class family, Tony Petrello was not someone you would say had privileges above others. Although he may have lived in an average neighborhood, and attended a standard public school, his life was anything but standard. That part of it had everything to do with his drive, but his intelligence and love of learning was most certainly a factor in success.

Early in life, he was raised in what many may consider a strict home. Morals and values were at the heart of what his family believed in, and what he was being taught by his parents. His home in Newark, New Jersey played a major role in how he grew up, being raised among other honest and hard working families and kids his age. At this time, the city of Newark also bred a sense of community and family beyond anything that he had ever known.

Although Tony Petrello attended public school, he was still brought up in an environment in which an education was a priority. Coupled with hard work and dedication to learning all that he could, he began to quickly learn, grasping concepts that other kids his age were not even learning. It was then that he knew he was destined to do greater things, but he didn’t know exactly what that would be.

Going on to master very complex mathematical problems, Tony Petrello began to realize that he would be able to take advantage of things that others could not. He would be able to figure things out, and he would be able to use these skills in many different types of jobs. Later, he earned his Ph.D., at Yale University, where he had received a full scholarship.

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