Victoria Doramus: A Creative Marketer with A Heart of Charity

Trend specialist, Victoria Doramus, has unequaled experience when it comes to the application of creative solution to the identified patterns in the market. She specializes in consumer trends when it comes to fashion, lifestyle and design.

She holds a long history of extensive look into the market through identification, research and the documentation of the emerging trends in the different sectors. She also recommends the appropriate solutions to the trends.

With the insights and knowledge in the creative world, Victoria Doramus has gained entry into new marketing strategies. This also includes use of innovative solutions in the market. A major part of her work has now been shifted to the charitable sector.

Her roots can be traced back to the media sector. Victoria Doramus has acted serious roles in the communications industry, networking, market analysis, creative campaigns and the focus on the copy creation.

She derives most of the experience in the creative sector to impact practical skills used in market research analysis, recruiting, budgeting, project management and networking. She holds a degree in journalism and mass communication from the University of Colarado Boulder. Mindshare took her under their wings as the assistant media planner. It was here that she built ties with the media executives. She created both the print and multimedia plans.

Later on, she moved to the Creative Artists Agency where she worked for three consecutive years as the group coordinator. She was in charge of the maintenance of the international framework for the trend correspondents. She also liaised with the clients and reviewed the market reports.

Trendera was also quick to use her unique skillset of developing and creating new and existing client relationships. She focused solely on customer trends and patterns especially in the lifestyle sector. She has worked various freelance projects with completing many roles in the media industry.

Recently, Victoria Doramus started working alongside charities and volunteer missions. Among the list of charity organizations that she has been linked with includes The Amy Winehouse Foundation, Room to Read, Women’s Prison Association, and the Best Friends Animal Society.

After garnering a vast experience in the media and entertainment industry, she is currently independent. She is fully vested using her skillsets in the charity sector.

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