Sunday Riley Aims to Create the Best

You’ve probably heard of the beauty brand Sunday Riley before. Reading praises online will get one to think highly of the brand. The titular creation of the brand was inspired by the person of the same name. Who is Sunday Riley and what inspired her to create this beauty brand? The talented entrepreneur recently sat down for an interview with The Cut.

Sunday Riley got her inspiration to create her brand from an experience where the products she used lacked natural products. She wanted to combine botanicals with science-based active ingredients to produce skin that looks good. She wants to live until she is 120 years old without looking like she is 90, and she believes active ingredients are the way to do that. Sunday wants to look good and be healthy about it.

When it comes to creating her products, Sunday likes to experiment by finding what she is looking for. Does she want the texture to be different or the ingredients to differ by quantity? She says she learns by trial and error to get the product to perfection. Creating the right foundation is a process and Sunday definitely takes it seriously by creating her line of beauty products. If her products don’t give her a sense of pride that they are the very best they can be, she’ll simply cut them. Her standards are high, and if there is a better way to do something, she will do it.

When it comes to a woman like Sunday Riley, one has to wonder what sort of routine she has when it comes to her daily skin-care routine. It’s dedicated, including washing her face twice a day, vitamin C serum, sunscreen, foundation, and much more. Sunday wants her products to be the very best that they can be, that’s why she can use them without regret and at the same time cut them if need be. She wants her ingredients to be healthy and active, combing green technology that make one’s skin feeling healthy and vibrant. Her brand believes one can feel good about the products they are using on their skin.


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