Southridge Capital’s CEO Talks the Growth Potential of Budding Markets

In 1996, Stephen M. Hicks, founded the financial firm, Southridge Capital, while still working for a small hedge fund in New York. It was during this time, that he learned of the principle’s decision to relocated outside of the United States, and after securing his approval, decided to launch his own firm. With over thirty years as an investor and entrepreneur on his resume, Mr. Hicks has built Southridge Capital in one of the foremost hedge funds of its kind, and to date, the entity has assisted over 300 companies in finding adequate financial solutions. Today, he acts as the Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital, playing a significant role in monitoring their financial portfolio, as well as seeking out new opportunities that will assist in building their brand for the future.

While attending King’s College, located in Briarcliff, New York, Stephen M. Hicks decided to major in Business Administration, going on to garner a Bachelor of Science degree. He would further his studies at Fordham University, where he attained a master’s degree. In the field’s of entrepreneurship and investing, there are often volatile financial swings, making it imperative to remain productive and progressive. In order to do so, each day, Mr. Hicks begins with a detailed list of the day’s goals, relying on the experience gained during his three-decade career, to bring his ideas to fruition. By strictly adhering to his own set of guidelines, Southridge Capital has grown exponentially since its inception, making their services sought after by prospective clients. You can check out


Daily research is an integral part of Stephen M. Hicks’ role as CEO of Southridge Capital, and he generally refers to trusted news sources, such as Quotestream and the Wall Street Journal online, to remain abreast of the latest trends. As of late, the financial surges regarding the budding marijuana industry, as well as, cryptocurrency, have piqued his interest. Although cryptocurrency and legal marijuana will seemingly operate in two different sectors, they both share the potential for significant growth in the near future, with the ability to affect a variety of seemingly unrelated markets.



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