Southridge Capital Redefine Financial Services

Southridge Capital is a private equity firm that provides various financial services to companies including investment banking and securities brokerage services. The company is dedicated to working with diverse clients to provide financial solutions that are innovative and sustainable. The executive team in the company has immense experience in curating financial plans and an intuitive understanding of the marketplace. Since its inception in 1996, the company has invested in hundreds of companies to a tune of over one billion US dollars. For more details visit Bloomberg.


Services offered


The company provides various services that include financial analysis, balance sheet optimization, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring analysis, bankruptcy advice and legal settlement services. Most of these services are offered through the advisory department of the company. In financial analysis, the company formulates detailed and projected statements that concur with financial and operational assumptions. Balance sheet optimization is aimed at assisting companies to balance between debt and equity. It also helps to access mechanisms that may provide better results. Regarding Mergers and acquisitions, the company approaches merger candidates whose models coincide with the clients’ details. Southridge helps their clients take the best decisions for the best restructuring results. In terms of bankruptcy advice, the company helps their clients overcome bankruptcy that is sometimes is a menace to most companies. The legal settlement offered by the company entails settling ligations and minimizing resources suffered by the clients.


The management team


Management of Southridge Capital is comprised of five key individuals with different responsibilities. Stephen Hicks is the founder and the CEO while Narine Persaud is the controller and chief financial officer. Others include Laurence Ditkoff the director of research, Henry Sargent the chief operating officer and the General Counsel and Linda Carlsen as a member of portfolio management. Check out to know more.



Social responsibility


The company recognizes the need for social responsibility by ensuring that it provides a positive impact to the society. Southridge employees demonstrate social responsibility through various ways including charity, volunteer work, and community leadership. The company is also committed to providing support and strength to others through enhancing and supporting charitable organizations throughout the country. The CEO has also collaborated with his wife to begin the Daystar Foundation that provides assistance to various charity organizations.



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