Sheldon Lavin: The quality of great business leader

Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group. He worked for this company since 1975. This means that he has been a significant player in the growth of this food company. OSI deals with the production of value-added foods. It is the role of the company to ensure that there are processed foods in the market. The history of the work they do goes back to 1909 when the company started as a butcher shop started by a German immigrant. Lavin has played a critical role in the growth if this company that it is hard to ignore what has happened in the past four decades. In fact, there is no way the history of this company can be talked about without including the name of Sheldon Lavin in the mix. The Sustainability Vision of Sheldon Lavin, CEO of OSI Group .

Why was it necessary to join OSI Group

Sheldon took a significant step of bringing order in the growth of the company. When he joined this company in 1975, it was on the verge of going international, but something was missing. The leadership did not have enough expertise to push the agenda of the company to all corners of the word. There was a need to have someone who would lead it and ensure that the global expansion happened in the right way. Sheldon was experienced enough to know what was needed in terms of financing and other factors to take the company to another level of growth.

The impact

The impact created by the leadership of Sheldon Lavin in this company cannot be ignored. He is the single-most largest contributor to the success of this company. For the period that he has been in the industry, he has taken up the role of the leader and has been excellent with it. He has ensured that every operation in the company is geared towards the growth of the company into an international brand. Sheldon Lavin has done his work so well that the company is now a leading global company that has a presence in 17 countries around the globe.


Sheldon Lavin is definitely a successful business manager. He has managed to achieve more success than anyone else in the company. He has taken this business to a level that others can only dream about. It is not everyone who will take over a business, and the next thing you see is the company reach new heights of development. Sheldon has made OSI Group one of the largest businesses around the globe.

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