Securus Technologies Utilizes Ground-breaking Solutions to Enhance Public Safety

In the industry of correction facilities and technology, Securus Technologies has been topping the list of some of the best companies that offer advanced solutions. The company has not only dedicated itself to services delivery, but has also dedicated itself to financial services, a segment that ensures the criminal justice and civil sector accesses technology solutions. These solutions are channeled towards enhancing public safety while at the same time, revolutionizing the incarceration experience.


Background data


From 1986 when it was established, Securus Technologies has been providing services like inmate’s communications, parolee tracking and information management solutions to prisons. The company is, therefore, the rightful leader of providing comprehensive, revolutionary, modern and reliable technology solutions for the industry of law enforcement.


Customer Reviews


Given the long history of perfect service delivery in public safety and corrections agencies, Securus Technologies has been receiving positive client reviews. The firm’s ability to adopt technology solutions better defines its focus on ensuring safety in the world. One customer facility acknowledges Securus Technologies for making it easy for administrators to access arrest warrants, which led to the arrest of corrupt staff.


Another incident


A customer also indicates that information from phone calls facilitated the process of obtaining a search warrant for a corrupt staff member who was dealing in contraband in the facility. The firm’s solutions have also been using by various customers to monitor cases of harassment and to reduce the incidence of inmate-on-inmate crimes.



About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies has the main office in Texas. The company commits to offering the world’s best services in corrections industries. Until now, this company has been successful. By serving more than 3,000 inmates across different corrections facilities, Securus Technologies strategically positions itself in a superior market niche. Securus has also invested in public information and inmate self-service.


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