Securus Technologies: Paving the Way to a More Connected Future

When it comes to communication, the people we first think of talking to are our families and friends. More specifically, our kids if we have them. Some people don’t have the luxury to sit and have a face to face conversation with their loved ones due to incarceration, but thanks to Securus Technologies, those who are incarcerated get to connect with families near and far through video chat. In a the video shown, we see a father connecting with his beautiful daughter, something that could be hard to accomplish in person due to distance or restrictions. Read more about Securus on Linkedin.


The video not only shows this beautiful family interaction, it also shows the excellent quality of the call. Without this new integrated technology, inmates have the ability to contact any and all loved ones and see their smiling faces. They can watch their children grown and live their lives as though they were there beside them. It’s truly an amazing way to keep inmates social and active in their home life.


Securus Technologies brings more than just video conferencing to the table. Firstly, they offer a prepaid service called Advance Connect. You will have an account that you can put up to fifty dollars into to make calls to inmates. You can also add multiple lines to the account so that you can be reached on landlines and mobile phones alike.


Other great services offered by Securus include the independent Inmate Debit, where the inmates can pay for adding funds into their account using the commissary management method of their money. Inmates can be independent and add funds to their account on their own if their loved ones are unable to at the time. One last service that is shown on (along with so many more) is called Jail Voicemail. If you contact a number found on the site linked, you can leave a voicemail for the inmate you wish to speak to about nearly any family event or important news. Seeing as how Jail Voicemail is a newer service, it is limited to certain facilities. No worries, though, the list grows regularly, and stays updated on the site.


Make connecting with your loved ones easier with Securus Technologies today! I know I use it for my incarcerated friends, and I never plan to use any other services!

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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    A second service is called Direct Bill. Direct Bill allows you to bill all calls from inmates monthly so that you pay for the calls all at once instead of having to refill an account multiple times in a month. It is likely that the superior custom papers would have offer many of these things in advance and it makes complete sense that way.

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