Sahm Adrangi Successful Journey in Financial Market

Sahm Adrangi, a Tehran native, attended Yale University where he got a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Mr. Adrangi has worked in the finance sector throughout his career starting at the leveraged finance group of Deutsche Bank. He then joined Chanin Capital partners who are a restructuring group and his role was to advise creditors on various issues like bankruptcy and did this out-of-court. Adrangi moved to Longacre Fund Management where he held the position of an Investment Analysis. With a vast experience from working in different Financial institutions, in 2009 Sahm Adrangi started his own company Kerrisdale Capital Management. Being the Founder and Chief Investment Officer he was responsible for ensuring its initial development, to take advantage of the market to remain in operation. With under $1 million when launching the company, Mr. Adrangi has worked his way in the market, and as of July 2017, the firm had $150 million. Corporate headquarters location is at 1212 Avenue of the Americas, New York.

Short selling sector is unpredictable and requires excellent market understanding and ability to forecast future market trends. Sahm Adrangi has made a name for himself for being one of the most successful short sellers ripping big from his timely and cautious decisions. He also publishes research that helps the general public and investors to understand various aspects of the market better to make sound judgments. Mr. Adrangi shares his research through multiple platforms like on his website, social media, and various third-party investment sites.

In a recent interview, Sahm Adrangi explained that to make profits and stay in operation as a short seller during the roaring bull market one has to get the ideas right. Although disasters are inevitable during such times with the right ideas they can be minimized to manageable levels. He added that currently there is a demand for short-seller hedge funds for investors, considering the market is going down. Mr. Adrangi explained that the recent short position on Kodak could be compared to the Chinese fraud where he earned big in the past. Recognizing Kodak’s idea did not make any sense to stop copyright infringement for photographers and videographers around a blockchain technology prompt move. Short selling is a risky investment, but knowledge of the market will go a long way to ensure the business is profitable.

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