Raising $54 Million for the Subordinate Debt Offering

NexBank has been in the front line to provide services to all its clients; they have a team of professionals who are devoted to providing quality services to their clients. The bank is based in Dallas, the US serving a wide range of clients with multiple services. Some of the areas NexBank is involved in Include; Commercial Banking, institutional facilities, and mortgage banking. Over the years many clients have benefited from these services as they promote expansion in the market, maximization of profit as well as continued growth of the company. Commercial Banking involves giving loans to clients to support their businesses. The bank also provides a particular servicing administration to multiple industries.

For the credit services, NexBank offers third-party access to various loans including near-investment corporate credit, senior secured loans among others. These benefits and opportunities are served to the community banks to enhance diversification in the market hence attractive yields are provided. In partnership with other financial institutions, potential investors and real estate developers, NexBank has been able to serve specialized servicing for refinancing opportunities, development, and construction.

According to BankNews, for the Mortgage banking service, NexBank Capital is devoted to ensuring that they create a long-term healthy relationship with all their clients. The professionals hired in the Bank provide significant customized solutions that fit the interests and requirements of the client to ensure their business run well. The application process to becoming a member at NexBank entails submitting contact details to their website then wait for their response that will be provided by a representative explaining on how to register.

On 27th September 2017, NexBank announced that they had completed about $54 million for the secondary debt offering to clients. The notes for the company will not be callable for about five years and the maturity date set is on 30th September 2017. The fixed interested for the five years is 6.375% and later the current three months will entail a LIBOR of 458.5 as the basis point. Kroll Bond Rating Agency has rated the NexBank notes to BBB to qualify to be recognized as Tier 2 capital. Sandler O`Neil and partners company served as the placement agent for NexBank to be eligible for the private offering of the notes. By 19th September the same year, this offering had been closed.

NexBank continues to provide high-quality services to various clients, corporations and financial institutions across the United States hence gaining popularity and fame.

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