Poker Boosted Nick Verticucci’s Efforts to become Successful in the Real Estate Industry

Nick Vertucci is not only a big name in the real estate industry, but also in the world of poker. The accomplished real estate investor started as a computer accessory businessman in early 2000s but the business shutdown in the wake of the 2000 economic crisis. Vertucci started playing poker way back, almost fifteen years ago and since then, he honed his skills in the game as he invested his way up to become a millionaire.

Nick Vertucci has a track record of positive results in playing poker and unparalleled achievements in the real estate industry. Mr. Vertucci rose from down low in early 2000s, applying applicable poker skills such as emotional control in the real estate sector, to be a big name looked up to by many aspiring real estate investors. He acknowledges the challenges young investors goes through and therefore, he has worked to hold the hands of many in their journey to success in the real estate sector.

The renowned entrepreneur authored “Seven Figure Decisions” and other real estate related books to inspire young entrepreneurs to strive for excellence in their journey to success. He has managed to strike a balance between his interests in poker and real estate business. Nick Vertucci has participated in huge tournaments in the world including the No-Limit Texas Hold’em Championships in Commerce, CA, Poker After Dark, World Poker Tournament, World Series of Poker as well as Live at the Bike. In his first tournament, he made $7530 with a buy in of just $1500. In the tournament, he emerged 8th out of 251 participants. That encouraged him to press on and as a result of continuous progress, he has improved his rankings in various huge poker houses.

Nick Vertucci acknowledges that poker played a role in his efforts to become in the real estate sector. The qualities he acquired playing poker include confidence, emotional control, adaptability and the ability to read others.

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