Peter Briger: On Work, Charity And Bitcoin

Peter Briger is one of the key people at Fortress Investment Group. Specifically, Briger acts as the co-chairman (board of directors). He also the principal at FIG. Interestingly,y Briger also holds #317 position on the Forbes Billionaire’s List.

Before Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger holds degrees from America’s two prestigious universities, Princeton and Wharton (he got an MBA at Wharton.) Before he joined Fortress Investment Group, Briger worked at Goldman Sachs. There, he orchestrated new deals and overseeing the way these deals would develop.

Peter also managed and led/co-lead many other firms (aside from working at Goldman Sachs); he co-lead Fixed Income Principal Investments Group, helped manage the Asian Distressed Debt, among others.

Working With Fortress Investment Group

In 2006, Peter Briger became a director at Fortress Investment Group. He progresses rapidly over the next three years and eventually got elected as the co-chairman of FIG in 2009. Briger embraced his new role, which he has been carrying on quite well.

Peter “took over” the firm during the very rocky period, but has managed to put it back on the map. The company started receiving recognition from the financial world, both from the magazines and other major players. On February 2017 FIG was purchased by SoftBank Group Corp (for $3.3 billion.)

Despite the acquisition, Peter Briger kept his function after the merger. Moreover, he helped the company in its future deals, overseeing the projects and transactions.

Practicing Business And Philanthropy

Peter Briger doesn’t hide the fact that he’s rich. He is currently holding the #317 position on the Forbes list of world’s billionaires. But those close to Peter also claim that he gives a lot of his money away.

He is an active contributor of various charity organizations. Specifically, he helps operate the Silicon Valley Council, an organization which helps children globally. Peter argues that the world should focus on education and importing the youngest, especially in impoverished areas in the world.

Recently, Briger indirectly said that Fortress Investment Group would most likely support and participate in the new crypto-market. He said that the Bitcoin is a “god mind,” since it allows people to send money globally, without any restrictions.


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