Kate Hudson Achieves Success with Fabletics

Amazon made the fashion industry a very difficult place to thrive. Companies are “getting destroyed” by Amazon’s huge inventory and low prices. The fact that Amazon also controls 20 percent of the fashion e-commerce market is nothing to sneer at either. Despite Amazon’s global domination, Kate Hudson is taking on the e-commerce giant.

Three years ago, Kate Hudson, actress and fashion icon, launched Fabletics, an activewear brand focused on creating affordable and fashionable workout wear. Since then, she’s grown the company into a $250 million business, making Fabletics one of the most recognizable fashion brands in the world. Fabletics combines trendy fashion with the convenience and special features of a subscription mechanic.

By having members fill out a short fashion-related questionnaire, Fabletics is able to hand-pick outfits that members will like. Every month, each member receives their personally selected outfit suggestions. Even those who aren’t members can take one of Fabletic’s lifestyle quizzes to see what outfits Fabletics would suggest for them.

Everyone involved in Fabletic’s success talks about how happy they are to have their brand be considered a high-value brand. In today’s economy, being a high-value brand takes more than just good prices and quality goods or services. Modern consumers are obsessed with the extra mile features companies are willing to offer, like customer experience and exclusive design.

Customers seem to be drawn to Fabletics for many reasons. Fabletics is focused on satisfying each customer, but some customers want more. The only way to satisfy those customers was by opening physical stores.

The one downside to Fabletics is finding something that is the right size. On an e-commerce site, it’s incredibly difficult to find exactly what will fit. With physical stores, members now have the option of trying on before buying; they can even personally request specific sizes.

It’s that kind of extra-mile service that makes Fabletics so successful. While other retail stores are being massacred by offline browsing – online shopping, Fabletics figured out a way to turn that negative into a positive. As a result, about one-fourth of every customer becomes a member in store.

People really respond well to Fabletics; and why shouldn’t they? Fabletic’s leggings rival Lululemon Underwunders and one reviewer noted that they were better Lululemon. Fabletics has a variety of styles that anyone could find appealing.

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