In Less Than a Decade, Talk Fusion has Become Top in Communications

Whether you are an individual on the internet or a small or medium business, Talk Fusion will help you become more intimate with your communications online while making the best connections possible. Talk Fusion is the World’s First All-in-One Video Marketing Solution and answer to your communication needs.


Founder and CEO Bob Reina was recently on the Tampa Morning Show. Reina lives in Tampa, and he began Talk Fusion there in 2007. He used high-quality technology, which he hadn’t found in the industry before. In 2004, he wanted to send a video on an email, but he couldn’t find a company that could send it. This necessity led him and a tech-friend of his to develop a stellar video that was instantly picked up around the globe, and Talk Fusion became a top leader in the industry.


Since then, Mr. Reina and Talk Fusion have become worldwide leaders in video communications around the globe. From the beginning, the crystal clear pictures and easy usage in the All-in-One marketing package created a place among the leaders. The All-in-One Solutions Package includes Video Email, Video Newsletters, Video Chat, Live Meetings, Sign-ups and an evaluation program for managing your business. This is one of the premier packages offered in the industry.


Last year, in 2016, Mr. Reina and the team worked diligently to produce an incredible 30 Day Free Trial. What is so amazing is that Talk Fusion offers the All-in-One so that the user is able to try all the products, and they did it with no credit card required. This allows anyone to obtain the Free Trial using only their email address. This is something unique for Mr. Reina, and he is proud to offer it.


The reason Talk Fusion is able to offer this 30 Day Free Trial is because of Mr. Reina’s commitment to help others. He routinely assists non-profits with a free subscription for their business, and last year he gave a record amount of one million dollars to the Tampa Humane Society to build a shelter for strays. He loves to Give Back and is equally an entrepreneur and a philanthropist.

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    For Talk Fusion to have such a success shows that they really have a strong leadership and there are things they also need to take into consideration. The concept grademiners mostly concern with helps to make them have the awareness to portray a particular message in the most profound ways. Also Reina is a person that show real desire to share the experience with people to allow them take charge of their businesses.

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