George Soros Seeks to Empower the Ukraine as Russia Attempts to Rise

The Ukraine is in a strange position at the moment; it is dealing with Russia in more ways than one. Ukraine has to put up with President Putin’s aggression, but it also has to deal with the fact that Europe and the US are not paying attention to them as they should.

It is important and somewhat unfortunate that the US and Europe are taking action against Russia by imposing financial sanctions to destabilize their power. This is a necessary step that is affecting Russia, but it also disturbing the people of the Ukraine. It is necessary to deal with Putin and his aggression. It is an effective alternative that is not seen as a direct attack, so Putin should not see it as an act of war.

The issue is that both the United States and Europe do not seem to understand that there is another side to the coin, which is that they should empower Ukraine. Empowering the Ukraine should help them fend for themselves after the sanctions are lifted on Russian so that they are no longer intimidated by Putin. What western superpowers seem to be blind to is the Ukraine has a growing population that is ready to reject some of the same corruption that gave birth to Putin and his propaganda that is sweeping across Russia.

The counter-population is mostly made up of younger Ukrainians (who were mostly educated abroad). They are the ones who are seeking to make the Ukraine a country that bolsters democracy in a way that Russia is not. It is important to have a country with strong, progressive, and democratic ideals in this part of the world for superpowers like the US or Europe. The reason it is important is because it will help stabilize the economy because Putin’s Russia is threatening to disrupt the economy at some point in the future.

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The EU should pay attention to the way that the younger and larger population in the Ukraine is viewing the EU. They are clamoring to join the EU, which is significant at this point in time since the UK just decided to leave the EU. Having a powerful ally so close to Russia is almost like having a strong watchdog, yet it is something that the EU and the US is failing to see.

This is a time to form more unions and to try to help countries that sympathize with democratic values, which is exactly what the Ukraine is showing. Forming positive unions should be highlighted because Russia is attempting to make alliances that threaten western values. Putin has made bold moves to coax an alliance with China just to mention one of the real dangers that Putin poses to the world.

Yes, the Ukraine needs help regarding their economy, but it is also showing great promise if their financial woes are reversed. George Soros, who has vehemently worked to promote democracy around the world has expressed his support for the Ukraine.

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    Sure, the US and Europe are doing what they can to prevent Putin from doing something to destabilize the economy, but attacking Russia without planning ahead is a little short-sighted. It is something that essay writers review have tried hard to forge but it’s becoming harder by the day.

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