Gareth Henry Schools Investors on Private Equity

After graduating in 2000 with a Degree in Actuarial Mathematics, Gareth Henry gained a ton of experience working in the private financial sector. Due to his educational background, Gareth has an eye for mathematical detail, thus granting investors with peace of mind when faced with seemingly overwhelming mathematical profundities. Due to certain factors, private credit has been experiencing strong growth over the last decade. Some of these factors include:

-After the financial crisis of 2008, regulatory guidance for banks has forced them to be more stringent when issuing loans to private companies.

-Being a public company has become increasingly difficult over the years due to increasing regulations requiring more stringent disclosure for public companies. Increasing the amount of company disclosure has inevitably led to higher costs for public companies.

-Reporting requirements placing pressure on management that will inevitably affect their ability to perform tasks successfully in the future.

Gareth Henry’s Take On Future Trends

In a recent interview, Gareth Henry expressed the fact that he sees a movement by investors into private equity and credit. Gareth believes that this trend is set to continue for some time as investors see many large firms making major co-investment decisions sure to change the climate of direct investing.

Gareth Henry On The Business Cycle

During the ups and downs of the business cycle, private credit strategies vary in effectiveness, faring good or bad based on the conditions of the market. Funds dealing with distressed debt tend to fare much better during economic downturns while senior debt funds usually refuse to thrive in such environments. Gareth Henry believes private credit investment strategies will provide investors with new innovative ways to meet their investment goals. Due to Mr. Henry’s extensive experience in utilizing alternative investment strategies, he has enabled both himself and his firm, Fortress Financial, to act as an asset to companies raising funds in this sector. With the continued evolution of the market, Gareth hopes to become even more relevant among investors who are comfortable with these types of alternative investments.

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