Former Israeli Diplomat, Daniel Taub Reveals the Threats of the Geneva Deals

Former Israeli Diplomat, Daniel Taub is known for his independent and strong stand on many international issues and affairs. He does not hesitate to open his mind and reveal the insights he has about various developments across the world.

It was highly visible when Taub spoke against the Geneva deal in late-2013 when Western forces made an Accord with Iran on its nuclear program. During those days, he even spoke about the potential chances for forming new alliances in the Middle East to deal with the nuclear ambitions of Iran. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

According to Daniel Taub, the Accord was not doing anything to stop Iran from its nuclear programs. Interestingly, he hinted the possibilities of Israel partnering with a number of Sunni countries in the region to contain the threats created by the Tehran-backed Shia alliances in the region.

Taub said that Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries are increasingly worried about nuclear-armed Iran.

He pointed out to the radical axis created by Tehran linking Gaza, Damascus, Beirut, and more that created vulnerability to the entire Middle East. A large number of countries in the region are worried about the situation, and if they could stand together, Taub believed that it could ensure desired results for the region.

While coming to the differences of Israel with other countries in the Middle East region over Palestinian occupation, Daniel Taub said that the developments forced many to think for the options that were not thinkable before.

He added there are countries in the region who think that they can partner with Israel and take the region more prosperous and developed.

Taub also added that those elements in the region could be described as forward-looking. He continued that he met several people in the region who were asking the possibility of a relationship.

While coming specific to the Accord, Daniel Taub said that it did not prevent Iran from stopping the bomb-making process and even slowing it. He also pointed out that the even a single centrifuge had not been dismantled.

The situation was same in the case of Arak plutonium heavy water reactor as well as the program’s military aspect. Taub confirmed that everything remained in the same place as before without any change. Read more: Daniel Taub | LinkedIn and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

While coming to the diplomatic career of Taub, he served as the Ambassador to the United Kingdom from 2011 to 2015. During the period, he worked hard and made significant result in improving the relationship between the U.K. and Israel.

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