An Article about Mathew Fleeger

Mathew H. Fleeger is the current Chief Executive Officer, Director and the President of Gulf Coast Western, LLC.He has been accredited as the founding father of Med solutions, Inc. and the same time served as the president and chief executive officer of the foundation. His academic background is in the field of finance, sales and marketing where he earned his experience while working with the gas and oil industry. Between 1985 and 1990 he served in the capacity of the president of Gulf Coast Western.

Fleeger Mathew has enjoyed his background in the field of gas and oil industry is also an established businessman with many years of excellency in this field. For instance, before acquiring his success, he had to go through the obligatory hoops that every entrepreneur and industry does. During his undergraduate time at the university of southern Methodist, Fleeger acquired enough knowledge about finance and marketing. After completion of his undergraduate studies he was determined to succeed. His father being a successful businessman owning gas and oil company was a source of inspiration to Mathew Fleeger as he had entered into the business world as a result of some pursuits. Another motivating factor was the fact that he had an enterprise ambition which led him into the entrepreneurship world.

Fleeger has been listed internationally as the master of all business professionals. This is attributed to the skills he has in tanning industries as well as waste management. For example, he is recognized for his competence based strategic planning, contract negotiation, being a team player as well his abilities in the entrepreneurship sector Through his acquired skills has been able to create two enterprises who revenue has been projected to be around $100 million. One of this companies is palm Beach which was originated from a small six-store operation to being one of the largest indoor operation in the country.

Like any other person who is interested in building his profession, Mathew Fleeger has moved from one job to the other or the past seven years and has been able to succeed mostly in the executive roles. Despite receiving so many offers from Texas-based companies to bring him on board he decided tom go and handle family business at Golf coast.

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