A new level of Technology; Todd Lubar’s vision

If you thought social media is everything that the phone can offer, think twice. You have yet to encounter the mood lighting, air conditioning and HEPA filters that can be computed by these tiny gadgets we call phones. All this is a program that was foreseen and brought to life by one Todd Lubar. Many may compare this to George H. Butcher’s Electric home or Smart home in which people use short waves to command appliances like the door opening from anywhere in their home. However, the difference between these two is that instead of the use of short waves, Todd’s uses our phones. All this has been given the title Smart Home Technology.


Todd Lubar explains that the Smart Home Technology as a class of home fixtures and devices that can be paired with smart devices. These give the homeowners the ability to control functions in their houses from anywhere. These smart services include the doorbell ringing when a visitor comes near the house, controlling the opening and closing of the door and electronics in the house like televisions, and lighting the house among other functions. Over the years the Smarty Homes program has expanded and been adopted in many homes.


Todd Lubar is a capable real estate mogul who has a vision and motive to combine state-of-the-art technology trends with principal real estate practices, hence his involvement in the prediction and actualizing of the smart home program. His greatest vision is to see a world with nothing but Smart Homes in the near future. For more details visit Crunchbase.


With an education from the University of Syracuse in 1995 where he got a Bachelor of art in Speech Communication, Todd is the current head and leader of TDL Global Ventures which is an investment firm. Other than his presidential role at TDL, he also occasionally offers his know-how to entrepreneurs and other investors. He also plays the role the lead VP at Legendary Investments and has previously held multiple leadership positions in foundations like Chatter Funding, Crestar Mortgage Corporation, and Maryland Legacy Financial. Check out Ideamensch for more.


Lubar attributes his success to his passion for serving the community and his years of experience. He is also passionate about fitness and enjoys occasionally spending quality time with his family.




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